Mary Martins is a London based documentary animator and ethnographer. Her ideas are often of a philosophical nature as it enables her to work with a great degree of autonomy. She will be progressing onto an MA at the Royal College of Art where she endeavours to produce a series of philosophical essay films 'a treatise' as an exploration of transcultural art in its various manifestations in order to make sense of how we inhabit the world beyond sense-perceptions and appearance. With a strong interest in aesthetics she hopes to link her research around phenomenology with animism, theosophy, humanism and social constructions.

In an attempt to push boundaries within her work, she juxtaposes various traditional film making techniques retaining the rich elements of our past.

[Royal College of Art]
MA Animation

[University of East London]
BA Animation & Moving Image

[University of the Arts London, LCC]
Foundation in Animation

[University of Birmingham]
BA Philosophy