Something More (2022) is an experimental animated documentary that explores the causes of youth violence, and more specifically the impact of knife crime in London. Through the lens of a mother raising her 8 year old son in South East London, the film combines a variety of perspectives and stories from those that have been connected to the issue. The documentary engages with the epidemic on a deeper level. It endeavours to ignite further conversations that question both the criminal justice system, climate change and capitalism, all of which point to youth knife crime as a symptom of a wider societal problem.
London International Animation Festival x Factual Animation Film Festival x London Short Film Festival x British Shorts Berlin x Spark Animation Canada x Edinburgh International Film Festival x LUX Moving Image PRINT PRINT PRINT.
Nominated British Animation Awards (Best Documentary) 2024
Nominated for the McLaren Animation Award, Edinburgh International Film Festival (2022)
Shortlisted for Performance Film and Media Best Documentary Award (2022)
Winner, CIRCA x DAZED (2022)
Paper Stage, Movements’, Drawing Room, Royal Academy of the Arts, London, UK (2022)